Yozgat Bilgin Elevator Products The first Minecraft elevator is coming soon

The first Minecraft elevator is coming soon

The Minecraft franchise is known for its complex and sprawling worlds, but one of its most popular characters is the “Elevator Boss,” a mysterious mechanical entity that makes its living by hoarding items and destroying them.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an elevator boss, but it’s certainly the first one that we’ve actually seen in-game.

The elevator boss has existed in various forms throughout Minecraft games since its initial release in 2009, but in 2014, Minecraft fans were treated to an animated version of the concept.

Now, The Escapist is reporting that an elevator will make its way to the game’s first expansion pack, The Nether, in early 2018.

As reported by IGN, the elevator boss is being designed to look like a “mushroom” and “wet, brown slime” and is described as a “smallish creature.”

The Escapist notes that the elevator is part of a larger story, in which players will discover a new type of portal, called “Aetherium.”

The story will explore the “hidden history” of the Minecraft universe, and will also introduce the idea of “super-conductivity,” a new form of energy that can “transmit data between worlds.”

Aetheriality has previously been used in Minecraft, where players are able to craft a portal from aether, or aether crystals, in the game.

The Nether expansion pack will bring that technology to the map, where it can be used to build portals, or portals that can be controlled.

“Players will discover an endless array of new ways to explore the world of Minecraft, whether it’s by finding rare minerals or crafting new items,” said Minecraft game director Erik Johnson.

“Players will also find an abundance of new portal technology, including the ‘Elevators’ and ‘Etherium,’ as well as a host of new mechanics to enhance gameplay, including teleportation, gravity, and a host to many more.

We look forward to bringing these ideas to life for the very first time, and introducing players to the many possibilities of Minecraft.”

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