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How to use a virtual assistant on Android 7.0

Android 7, introduced with a series of major software updates in March, has added a number of new capabilities and capabilities.

Among these are virtual assistants that can perform tasks that require a bit of interaction, like answering emails and sending texts.

But there’s also a new, optional feature that can be installed as a Google app, called “virtual assistant” on Android.

That virtual assistant will have access to information that can help you navigate through apps and websites.

The feature is built on top of the Google Assistant API and can be used with apps like Cortana, Google Maps, Google Photos, Google Search, and Google Translate.

For more details on this feature, check out our full hands-on article.

For now, you’ll have to buy Google Assistant for $1.99 per month and then install the app on your device.

To use the app, you just have to add the app to the “Google Play” section of your Google account.

You can also use this feature with apps that aren’t Google Assistant.

But for now, Google’s just using the app as a standalone app and not as part of the regular Google services.