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Why are dogs on high-rise towers?

FiveFourSeven, the world’s largest provider of residential and business services for people with disabilities, is a leading provider of services to the elderly, and is now the leading provider to people with mobility disabilities.

But, according to an audit of FiveFour Seven’s operations conducted by an independent research group, the firm is under-reporting the number of people with advanced disability and is misclassifying people with severe mobility impairments as having a lower level of mobility than is actually the case.

According to the audit, which was conducted by the University of Toronto’s Mobility Centre, more than 50% of the 1,823 seniors with mobility impairions at FiveFour 7’s Phoenix and Elevated Pet Bed sites in Toronto and Vancouver were counted as having mobility impairment, rather than as having no disability at all.

In Toronto, for example, the average age of a seniors with disability is 59 years old, while in Vancouver it’s 63 years old.

The audit also found that the company’s disability classification system is not accurate, and misclassifies many people with a range of mobility impairings.

In addition, the company was failing to record the number and age of people who were not disabled at the time of their booking, despite them being required to do so by law, the audit said.

FiveFour7 is one of the largest providers of residential services in the world, and has over 4 million active clients in Canada.

In 2016, it spent $2.8 billion in revenue and spent $7.7 billion on business services.

It said it is working to improve its policies and processes to improve the accuracy of the data, including working with the Canada Council on Disability to improve training, technology and customer service.

The company has said that it will address the issue in a new policy update for all its clients.