Yozgat Bilgin Elevator Contact The 11th Bolt of Elevator Bolts at Station Eleven

The 11th Bolt of Elevator Bolts at Station Eleven

Three of the 11 bolts of an elevator bolt assembly were lost in a collision on Friday, officials said.

“The bolts were going up the shaft when they were struck by the shaft,” said Lisa Zahn, vice president of the San Antonio Elevator Company, which manufactures the elevator bolts.

“We were very lucky to have the ability to work with the maintenance department to make sure that the bolts were still safe.”

Officials said the bolts fell from the shaft of the elevator, which is located at Station 11 in the downtown core.

The elevator is used by the city’s downtown area to shuttle people to downtown hotels.

It is a central hub for public transportation in downtown San Antonio.

City Hall spokeswoman Kristin Burdette said the city is working with the elevator manufacturer to find a solution to keep the bolts from falling into the shaft.

The bolt assembly that fell is made up of three segments, Zahn said.

She said there is a mechanism in the bolt assembly to make it safe.

“There is an internal mechanism that allows the bolt to stop when it reaches a certain speed,” Zahn told The Associated Press.

“It does not stop if it is hit by a vehicle.”

The bolt, which weighs about 30 pounds, was attached to a shaft at the top of the shaft and the bolts are attached to the shaft at a point called the shaft stop.

The bolts can move around inside the shaft as the elevator moves, and the city says the bolts should not have moved during the elevator’s normal operation.

“These bolts should have been properly attached and attached correctly,” Zohn said.

The city said it has been in contact with the manufacturer to determine how the bolts will be replaced.

Officials are asking the city to contact the manufacturer for any additional information.