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How to deal with the Trump administration’s media crackdown

President Donald Trump has promised to shut down the mainstream media and has imposed a media blackout on himself, but a new executive order will do the opposite.

On Tuesday, the Department of Justice announced that all federal agencies would be required to produce all media reports on their websites in compliance with a federal regulation called “Fairness in Media Reporting”.

This means that a White House press briefing, the White House Christmas tree lighting and the briefing of any cabinet member are not covered. 

“Fairness” means “equal opportunity” for all journalists. 

This is a huge blow for the mainstream press, who had previously been able to rely on the Trump White House for access to the president and his administration. 

Trump has previously taken aim at the media for its coverage of his inauguration.

Last week, the president tweeted that he was “unwilling to be lectured about the media by the media”.

In an email to employees, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said: “President Trump has consistently expressed his disdain for the media and will continue to hold them accountable for their biased coverage.”

“We will continue working closely with the media to ensure that all aspects of their work are accurate and balanced,” Spicer said.

The US president is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday that will put the final touches on his plan to ban all foreign news media from broadcasting from US soil.

Trump is expected make his case to the American people in a speech on Wednesday.

The new rules come as the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and senior adviser Steve Bannon have been ordered to turn over all records pertaining to their contacts with Russian government officials and associates during the 2016 election, as well as any information about them relating to the inauguration.

Trump’s executive order was issued as the White Street Journal reported that Kushner had secretly received $17 million from the Russian government and that Bannon had made an $80,000 payment to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in 2015. 

A new batch of emails obtained by The Associated Press showed Bannon’s communications with Deripasa, which were uncovered by the US media.

Deripas emails are thought to have given the US president a boost in the early months of his administration and may have helped him secure the appointment of Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. 

Bannon has denied any wrongdoing and his lawyer, Mark Zaid, told NBC News that the emails in question were not from the White Houses office.