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New Zealand’s top flight will see two new airports in 2021

New Zealand is set to open a new airport, as part of a push to boost the country’s tourism industry.

Key points:New Zealand will become the second country to have two new airport hubs in 2021The new airports will be in Auckland and DunedinThe announcement was made by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at a press conference on TuesdayThe two airports will feature a combined capacity of 5.6 million passengers per yearThe airport, called Dunedin, is expected to be the first new airport in New Zealand for more than a decade.

Ms Arderna said the announcement was a “game-changer” for the country.

“Dunedin is a great city, it’s a beautiful place, we’ve got a great airport, we have a great port,” she said.

“We need to keep moving forward.”

Dunedin Airport has a capacity of more than 5.5 million passengers.

It has a terminal and a service area of 2,500km².

The two new terminals will feature passenger capacity of around 5.1 million passengers and will be located in Dunedin and Auckland.

“New Zealanders will be able to access a vibrant airport in Dunwoody for a whole new experience,” Ms Ardernan said.

New Zealand is a regional airline hub, and Ms Arden said it was important to connect New Zealand with its global neighbours.

“This announcement means more flights for New Zealanders, more connections and more business opportunities for our economy.”

Dunwoody is one of New Zealands largest cities, with around 7.8 million residents and a population of about 16 million.

Dunwoodys airport, which has a combined terminal capacity of about 4.8m passengers, will be a new hub for the airline industry.

It is expected that Dunwoodys will have an annual passenger capacity greater than 5 million, which would represent about one-fifth of the nation’s overall population.

New York City, which also has two airports, is set for a similar expansion, with an expected capacity of 7.6m passengers.

The announcement is the latest in a series of moves aimed at attracting the nation to the skies, and a welcome one for those working to boost tourism.

The airport is expected be completed by 2021, and will have a capacity for 4.6million passengers.

Dunedin has a larger airport and a bigger airport terminal than Dunedin.