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How to use Google Maps as a home screen app

A new way to browse Google Maps has just been released, allowing users to access the map directly from their home screen.

The app is available for both iOS and Android, and is available to download from Google’s website.

Users will need to have a Google account to use the app.

Users who already have the Google Maps app will be able to continue using it.

Google Maps for Android allows users to view and search for locations in a variety of ways, including the Google Earth mobile app.

The map also has a built-in Google Search feature, so users can search for places and activities.

Google says it’s working on making the app even better.

The next big thing is to make it even better with the help of Google Maps, which we’re already seeing it getting better.

Google is still not ready to announce an Android version, but the company is planning to open up its Maps app to developers in the coming months.