Yozgat Bilgin Elevator Contact New York Times publishes a special report on the 2016 election

New York Times publishes a special report on the 2016 election

The New York, New Jersey, New York-based Times Company has published a special investigation of the 2016 presidential election, according to a release from the paper’s parent company, the Times Corporation.

The special report, “Trump’s Triumph: The Rise of a Radical Republican Party,” focuses on how the billionaire businessman and reality TV star has reshaped the Republican Party.

The Times report, entitled “The Rise of Trump: How a Republican Party that Rocked the Vote, Turned the Country, and Sucked the Life Out of Us,” was published on Friday and was first reported by The Hill.

In the article, NYT co-founder and publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said that he wanted the book to examine the impact of the Trump phenomenon on Republican politics.

“Trump has been a transformative force in our political life, and the result has been an unprecedented polarization and political dysfunction that has cost the country millions of votes,” Sulzberg wrote in the article.

“It has created a deep sense of fear, distrust, and uncertainty about the future of our democracy.”

Trump, the former reality television star and reality television personality, is currently in the midst of a bitter feud with the Times and its parent company.

The feud stems from an article published last year by the newspaper that reported that Trump, a real estate developer and reality star, had not paid income taxes in decades and had made at least $150 million in personal income over the years.

Trump has denied any wrongdoing and has argued that the Times report was fabricated.

Trump also has denied the Times’ claim that he has made millions of dollars in personal gains.

Trump, who is currently serving as president of the United States, has taken a combative approach to many issues during his campaign, especially during his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, where he held meetings with world leaders and praised the Islamic kingdom.

In January, Trump signed a memorandum directing the Department of Justice to investigate the allegations of illegal lobbying by foreign governments and other foreign entities, saying the Justice Department was “the single most important agency to investigate Russian influence” during the 2016 elections.

The Trump administration has also taken to using Twitter to attack the Times.

In February, Trump retweeted a tweet from the New York Daily News that read: “NYT has been caught lying about my tax returns.

The Dems have been caught manipulating the election.

The @nytimes should be ashamed.”